Halibut in AlaskaWhen you visit Afognak Island, you can enjoy all kinds of fishing. The Kodiak Archipelago has some of the most abundant waters in North America. Our rivers, streams, and protected ocean bays all serve as prime habitats for a plethora of fish and shellfish. Freshwater anglers will find plenty of honey holes on our island, but so will those who troll the salty sea. You can catch both fresh and saltwater fish while staying at Afognak Wilderness Lodge. This saltwater fish list is an overview of the species to expect on our Pacific fishing trips.

Halibut Fishing in Alaska

First on our saltwater fish list is halibut—the largest Pacific flatfish. Females can grow over eight feet long and 500 pounds, although males rarely grow past three feet. So when you go halibut fishing in Alaska, you might land one that is bigger than a person! These enormous fish have lean meat with a mild, sweet flavor. Almost all of the halibut you find in grocery stores—80 percent, according to Taste of Home—are caught in Alaska. Because they have such a mild flavor, they are a good option when you want to experiment with strong seasonings, such as Cajun spices or lemon.

Rockfish in Alaska

What do you know about rockfish? In Alaska, the term encompasses 30 different species of bass-like fish in the Gulf of Alaska. They can grow over two feet long and live up to 75 years. Like halibut, rockfish in Alaska are whitefish with firm flesh and a mild flavor. They are light and flakey, so they fry nicely but are not good for grilling.

Types of Salmon in AlaskaKing Salmon, one of the types of salmon in Alaska

Kodiak fishing has all the major types of salmon in Alaska, including sockeye, pink, silver, and Chinook (pictured). The salmon in Alaska come in a wide range of sizes between two and 135 pounds, which makes for an exciting reel-in each time! Salmon is the most popular species on this saltwater fish list due to its brilliant color and flavor. Salmon’s high fat content causes it to have a rich, earthy taste. You’ll find plenty of these pink fish during your stay at Afognak Wilderness Lodge, and your fishing guide will show you how to identify each of the types of salmon in Alaska.

Extended Saltwater Fish List

The species listed above are our most popular, but there are other sea creatures in our waters, too. Lingcod, flounder, greenling, and shellfish can all be caught during our Pacific fishing trips. While it’s helpful to know a bit about the fish you hope to catch, prior experience isn’t necessary. Our expert guides will teach you everything you need to know while you’re out on the boat. Afognak Wilderness Lodge is the only resort on Afognak Island, so staying with us gives you access to some of the most secluded Pacific fishing areas. Contact us to start your Alaskan saltwater fishing trip!