Tufted Puffins in Alaska

When it comes to wildlife tours, Afognak Island and Kodiak, Alaska, are superior. The unbridled wilderness in these remote parts of the world means you’ll see more Alaska wildlife than in any of the bigger cities. As the only lodge on the beautiful Afognak Island, Afognak Wilderness Lodge enjoys incredible amounts of pure, quiet, undisturbed nature. So if you’re wondering where to see puffins in Alaska, look no further! You’ll see sea lions, otters, whales, Kodiak brown bears, Sitka black-tailed deer, bald eagles, puffins, and more during your visit to Afognak Island.

Types of Puffins in Alaska

The most common types of puffin in Kodiak, Alaska, are tufted and horned. Tufted puffins have white feathers on their faces, which extend behind their heads in yellow tufts, with large, orange beaks. Horned puffins also have white facial feathers and orange beaks, but instead of yellow tufts, they have a little, soft black horn above their eyelids.

Horned Puffins in Alaska

Both species of puffins in Alaska can grow to 15 inches tall. These adorable birds mate for life, meeting with their partners each year in June. The eggs incubate for about 45 days before hatching, so viewing puffins in Alaska is a summer-long affair. The same individuals congregate in roughly the same areas throughout their lives. However, a juvenile puffin spends several years at sea before returning to its home colony for breeding season. 

Our Wildlife Tours

At many lodges, you have to set up Alaska wildlife tours through a third party. Scheduling a tour and traveling to a separate location can be difficult in Alaska, where the lush wilderness often lacks roads. That’s why Afognak Wilderness Lodge provides all tours and services on-site. As one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Alaska, we’ll help you customize the vacation of your dreams. If you want to see land animals, your wildlife tour will focus on finding deer, bears, and other furry creatures. If you want to see puffins, we’ll focus on our feathered friends.

Because our island is so large, our primary mode of transportation is by boat. During your cruise along the coast, our experienced and professional staff will take you to all the best spots for where to see puffins. Each boat has high-quality binoculars. You’ll see puffins in Alaska splashing, playing, and basking in the sun. You may also leave the boat and go on short hikes to reach certain bird species. It’s the best way to explore the huge expanse of Alaska scenery here on Afognak Island!

All-Inclusive Resorts in Alaska

In addition to saving your time and money, our all-inclusive style makes guests feel right at home. We eat home-cooked, family-style meals in the main lodge each day, and we’ll pack a lunch for you to take along on the boat. You won’t have to worry about a thing while on Afognak Island. Call 360-799-3250 today to see puffins in Alaska and explore one of the most beautiful islands in the world!