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Everything You Need To Know About The Red Squirrel

Everything You Need To Know About The Red Squirrel

Characteristics and Physical Traits

red squirrel

The red squirrel is about 11 to 13 inches in length, including its tail. The upper parts of its body are a rusty-olive color with a white belly and underparts. They have a distinct reddish color that distinguishes them from other types of squirrels. Their bushy tail is often a lighter red or orange. One average, they live about 5 years.


You’ll find red squirrels all throughout forested Alaska. They’re territorial and build nests that can be anything from a hole in a tree to a tightly woven mass of twigs, leaves, and moss. They also utilize ground burrows, which are mostly used as storage for food. A red squirrel will generally occupy a home range of about half an acre to an acre, although this can sometimes increase to as much as six acres.


Red squirrels are usually very lively and make a lot of noise. They are also very curious and very agile – which can sometimes be a bad combination. They can climb high and will frequently attempt to enter cabins and buildings. When they get inside a building, they can be very destructive, tearing apart furniture in order to create nests. The red squirrel has a diet that consists of seeds, nuts, fruits, cones, and fungi. Sometimes it will even feed on small vertebrates and invertebrates. The red squirrel will mate once per year around February or March and the female will generally give birth to around three to seven babies approximately five weeks later.

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