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The Jewel of Alaska

Over the years, Afognak Island has picked up a lot of titles - but our favorite by far is its nickname, 'the jewel of Alaska.' We think this title is well deserved. It's a reflection of the natural beauty and diversity of the region: you’ll…
November 26, 2015
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Sea Mammals You Can See at Afognak Wilderness Lodge

Alaska is renowned for its natural beauty and its abundant wildlife, and there's little wonder for this - it's a place of extremes, with magnificent landscapes populated by moose, bears, and elk. But while large land mammals like Kodiak Brown Bears and Roosevelt Elk may…
October 31, 2015
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What to Pack for Your Alaskan Wilderness Vacation

At Afognak Wilderness lodge, we’re here to help facilitate every aspect of your vacation in Alaska. While we’re proud to provide a unique remote lodging experience, where you can connect with Nature in some of the last pristine lands on Planet Earth, that’s only part…
September 10, 2015