About Afognak Island Alaska

Our lodge is a wilderness vacation retreat on the mountainous and densely forested Afognak Island, one of the Kodiak Islands group. Encompassing nearly 50,000 acres Afognak Island State Park can be accessed via air or boat. It is ideal for those who want a casual yet active and adventurous day in the freedom of wilderness and sea, whether your interests are in sport-fishing, photography or just having fun. The best way many describe their visit is to simply say, “We will return.”

We hope to see you this summer so we can share our very special part of Alaska with you… our “enchanted forest” by the sea has a different brand of adventure. We have made many wonderful friends here in the past and we look forward to including you as one of our favorite folks. Open June 1 through September 20. Any day arrivals/departures, pending availability. No minimum stay.