Afognak Island Alaska Fishing

Premier Alaska Fishing Lodge

Along the majestic shores of this particularly prized Kodiak Island, streams and their estuaries are tucked into cozy nooks that only a handful of people get to enjoy simultaneous. Sockeye, Pink & Silver Salmon and Rainbow, Steelhead & Dolly Varden Trout call these streams home. Offshore, there's a myriad of saltwater species waiting to saturate your fishing urge from the giant halibut right down to the delicate flounder with delectable lingcod, red-snapper, sea-bass, greenling and much more in between.

Alaska Freshwater Fishing

You would be hard pressed to find a place where the fishing is better than it is here. At our fishing spots, both along the stream banks and at the estuaries, the salmon abound by the thousands and you do not have to compete to find your own friendly nooks. It is not uncommon for guests to catch their daily-limit for each species targeted. (A guest freezer and waxed airline boxes are available for those who want to take all or part of their catch home.) Catch-&-Release is also popular for those who just love to fish and fish and fish!

Salmon Fishing: Nearby, we have three of the five species (Reds, Pinks and Silvers). The Red [Sockeyes] run throughout June . . .to mid-July; the Pinks [Humpbacks] run from mid-July throughout August; the Silvers [Coho] run from late-July through mid-late September.

Trout Fishing: Rainbow, Steelhead and Dolly Varden are the varieties available nearby.

Alaska Saltwater Fishing

We have an advantage over inland locations by also having the North Pacific's bounty of seafood, ranging from bottom fish to shellfish, which also makes for first class dining while with us, for which we have all the proper gear on hand. Throughout the summer months, the fish that abound in our area are: Halibut, Ling Cod, Sea Bass, Yellow-Eye, Red Snapper, Flounder, Greenling, and whatever strays from South Pacific waters!




Other Options

At low tide, you can dig clams, harvest mussels/cockles, hunt octopus or just investigate the interesting inter-tidal zone for jelly-fish, starfish, sea-urchins, periwinkles, jumping-jacks and much more.

Fishing Tackle

We furnish all fishing gear for both fresh and saltwater fishing, but if you have your own favorite salmon/trout gear feel free to bring it.